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Predictive Models

Our starting point is our customers’ analytical, sales and cost challenges. In collaboration with them we develop SalesMarketing and Churn predictive models.

Data Sourcing & Formatting

We develop and implement automatic data aggregation, standardisation and sanitation based on customers analytical needs.

Automated Reporting

We automate the daily and weekly reporting, enabling Business Analysts to perform better, in-depth and targeted business analysis.

Cloud Computing

Our solutions are Cloud based as it enables us to deliver responsive, scalable and secure solutions to our customers. We are specialised in the Windows Azure cloud platform.

Local/Regional Weather

Local Holidays & Events

Online and Offline Marketing Channels & Campaigns

Competitors Online Price Activities & Price Elasticity of Demand

Competitors Online Traffic Activities

Inventory Levels

Customer Profiling

Yearly Trends & Seasonalities

We have done projects in collaboration with:

  • Inside Matters
  • Velux