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About Us

About Kuantalyst

Our company name originates from merging two words: Quantify and Catalyst. Those two words are representative for what we aim to achieve. We believe in quantifying our actions, and also be a catalyst. Our definition of Catalyst is: "A person or thing that triggers an event or change.". The domain was not available for purchase at the time we incorporated so we decided for Kuantalyst. Kuantalyst is pronounced: quan-ta-lyst.

Our Vision

Commercial organizations should react almost in real time to reach their maximum potential and provide the best services to their customers. We believe that a solid statistical analytical foundation is the best baseline for business intuition.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations achieve their maximum potential through agile services and tools. Create Services and Tools that enable organizations to fully understand their customers and to provide relevant services and products at the right time and be profitable.

To achieve our mission we provide consultancy services, aiming to enable our customer to truly focus on what really matters: their consumers.

A central element that differentiates us from our competitors is our Core Values. It is at the foundation of everything we do and is based on agile development principles.

Our Core Values

Individuals and interactions
processes and tools.

Relevant customer insights
generic metrics.

Trustworthy data
excessive collection of data.

Customized BI and BA solutions
One-Size-Fits-All solutions.